Our services

Laser cutting

Specialising in lasering plastic we ensure that using our 2 top of the range specialist plastic cutting lasers we get the very best quality edge finish for the most intricate of designs. We also spend lots of time developing new ideas and methods that is why we are probably the only company in the UK that can laser PETG properly – ensuring minimal browning and a gloss edge (the video displayed is a plate rack made from some 4mm PETG).

Laser engraving

Having spent time developing our engraving proposition we supply light panels to major retailers and unlike most people on the internet we laser to order meaning that you can have parts of a sheet with a hetch pattern – we recently had a company visit that has to buy a whole sheet and then has to blank out the bit they didn’t want illuminating, this was only very expensive but also ineffective as the light bleed was through the entire sheet even. We have worked with them on lasering the shape they want (kidney shape) down the left hand side of a normal clear sheet resulting in better illumination and a large cost saving.

During our development we have managed to source quality LED’s at reasonable prices – please ask for more details.


We router plastic from anything to simple pockets for the retail sector to high end tight tolerance work that is required for our conveyors. Working with customers on small projects has developed our knowledge and skills . Our latest challenge was to develop a miniature land rover from plastic, so after stress tests, UV considerations and general assembly considerations it was completed. We love a challange so please feel free to test us.


Looking at the pictures opposite you will see the slightly different finish on the same 12mm silicon green acrylic (the brand is Perspex and yes in certain circumstances the brand does make a difference). In summary if it is a finished item and you don’t need to bond it then the most cost effective way is to laser it. If you item is a square panel then diamond polish it (be careful what you get – if the head isn’t aligned or balanced right then you can get a horrible swirling pattern on the edge). Flame polishing – this is a whole category by itself for some people use fine nozzles which are great on thin plastic but on thicker items it can look poor, others use oxyacetylene which can give a slight grey to the edge. We use a larger nozzle with a hydrogen and oxygen mix which gives the best results – we do have smaller fine nozzle equipment but with having the 2 lasers we don’t flame polish much. Buffing, although arcayic and very time consuming, for some items it is just the right method.


We have a varity of apparatus used to heat plastic to enable it to be bent/fabricated in a certain way – from single side home made bars – great at multiple bends, the picture of the pizza tray opposite is the result of a client challenging us to produce 30,000 in 3 weeks; a volume that we had never done before, with limited equipment, at a price that was far to cheap – the only way to make it work was to do all 5 bends in 1 operation, after spending time sorting the method and jigs out the job was completed on time with a nice profit. To top and bottom heated bars – ideal for thicker material. Not forgetting the various 80mm ceramic sheet heaters that are great for heating an area of the sheet to obtain a greater bend radius – cheaper and more efficient than drape forming. Our new oven allows us to heat whole sheets of plastic enabling it to free form over a jig to the shape you want.


With far too many years experience than they care to admit our team work with new products to ensure you get the finish you require, whether it’s a simple retail item (where neither strength or finish are paramount); or a fully fabricated guard (which ahs to sustain continuous strain); or two pieces that need to be joined virtually invisibly.



+Laser cutting of plastic
  • Acrylic up to 50mm thick – accurate to 0.1mm
  • Petg with gloss non brown edge
  • From intricate bespoke designs to basic cut to size panels

specialists in:

  • Black with a high gloss edge
  • Mirror without damaging the mirror finish
  • Frosted material without damaging the faces
+Laser engraving
  • LED acrylic panels
  • Logo’s and emblems on acrylic, wood or metal
  • Photographs
  • On a vinyl
  • Direct on material
  • Cuts all plastics to size
  • Pockets, rebates and blind holes
  • Guards
  • Conveyor and ware parts
  • Diamond edge polishing
  • Flame polishing
  • Buffing
  • Bending
  • Bonding
  • Drape forming (heating plastic and letting it form over a mould/jig)
  • Welding